Designer Fashion and Underground Labels

Traditionally, the latest fashions – whether it be for men or women – are not always supposed to appeal to the general public straight away. While the average person is likely to see some wonderful pieces that they love at fashion shows, a great deal of the clothing is experimental and might be too edgy for actual use in public. Rather, fashion trends seem to establish themselves over time as they require a shift in the public perception of what looks good and what is considered trendy.

We’ve all had those ‘What was I thinking?’ moments when Lui-Hon_Prism-of-lightlooking at photos of ourselves from years before (let’s all agree to forget the 90’s) yet we felt comfortable, sexy and chic at the time. Yes it’s true; baggy jeans and outrageously high platform shoes were once all the rage.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, which actually kicked off in New York this week, has featured some very interesting pieces that the average woman would probably consider unflattering or unappealing. Designer fashion today is similar in that it experiments with different looks and tends to avoid staying within accepted current norms, and it difficult to say whether there’s any pattern to that determines which trends catch on.

Surely, a lot of it has to do with brand name and label. It might be the case that established, revered designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Gucci carry a lot of the responsibility in determining the direction that fashion trends take. Yet more unknown, underground labels also play a part in this, and the innovative and creative pieces they design can rival those of more commercial brands.

Coming in a variety of forms, underground, alternative fashion has actually given way to many clothing trends. Examples include vintage/retro look, punk fashion and Japanese street fashion, which has migrated to the west. While these styles might not be considered designer, they and others have had a profound effect on the fashion industry in the past few decades, indicating the importance of underground brands.

At Bue Boutique, we believe that some of the most beautiful, trendy clothing comes from the lesser-known designers. Our store stocks elegant pieces from many designers you’re not likely to have heard of, as well as including more commercial brand names.

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