How Women’s and Men’s Fashion Differs



In many ways, we’re very fortunate as women. Ladies’ fashion is especially varied when compared to that of men’s. While this might seem like a vast generalisation, men’s fashion could potentially be described as limited. Women’s outfits can differ immensely, yet men’s casual wear and suits – for instance – are relatively similar in a lot of ways. Sure, the fit, colour and pattern can be changed, but just think of how many options a woman has in terms of the clothes she can wear. She can choose from high and long, flowing dresses, sleeved and sleeveless, skirts, tops and pants, not to mention the increased number of accessories that are available.

Traditionally, women have been more concerned about their appearance; we like to go out and shop for new clothes, engage in retail therapy and make ourselves look pretty. There’s really nothing quite like finding that perfect new top or skirt at a bargain price – it definitely gets the adrenalin pumping!

It’s fair to say that men, on the other hand, tend to make less of an effort with their appearance. A day out shopping isn’t exactly what most men would choose to do with their days off – they’d probably prefer to be on the golf course, for instance. That said, this stereotype is changing as many modern men often take as much time to get ready as some women! However, the fact is that women’s fashion is a bigger industry and the emphasis that is placed by women on our appearance is greater, generally speaking.

In our opinion – and we hope yours too – this is something to be celebrated! As women, we have so many different ways that we can choose to express ourselves through our appearance. A fashionable woman is able to mix and match her clothing, making certain items appear different depending on the overall outfit and the context. A piece can appear totally different when matched with certain clothes and this is one of the most exciting elements of designer fashion.

At Bue Boutique, we’ve always embraced this, and we aim to make it simple for our customers to match different clothing pieces and create new outfits. In fact, each of the items we stock is handpicked because we feel it complements our existing range. You’re not going to find mass produced clothing on the Bue Boutique website; rather you’ll find a eclectic range with a point of difference. The fact that we handpick our items means that you can find that unique look and mix and match pieces quite easily, which is one of the great things about shopping to begin with!

What do our readers think? Is women’s fashion considerably more varied than is men’s? What makes shopping for clothing so exciting?

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