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Lui Hon’s Unique Design Style

Bue Boutique is a Melbourne-based store specialising in designer clothing for ladies all over Australia and even overseas. We stock a gorgeous collection of clothing and accessories, all hand-picked for their original and unique look. Unlike other stores, Bue Boutique stocks pieces that are not mass-produced and commercial; we take some sense of pride in the fact that our clothing has a point-of-difference. With a mix of renowned brands and little-known, underground designers, the Bue Boutique experience is all about finding your own original sense of style.

Here on our blog  you’ll learn about our products, the designers we admire, special promos and other information about Bue! If you’ve visited our website, you’d know that Lui Hon is one of the labels we are very proud to house. Our seasonal stock list includes a number of his designs and we love the draping, flowing nature of his clothing.

Lui-Hon_Prism-of-light_24largeThe Malaysian-born designer, who actually studied at RMIT University, first attracted attention on the reality television program Project Runway Australia, where he made it to the final four contestants.

Today, more than 5 years on, Lui Hon has established a name for himself in the Australian fashion industry and his pieces are widely commended and praised for their originality. These delicate and technically flawless, yet somehow fierce designs have been described as ‘texturally intriguing’ and ‘concealing surprising discoveries’.

Interestingly, Hon is inspired by his own understanding of the female condition, and the great inner strength and courage women in his life have exhibited. His view is that making the contrast is the key to display femineity.

‘The beauty of the feminine is when it combines with the strength. I want my garments to bring, inject, or perhaps pull out the masculine in the woman,’ he explains.

Being both strong and soft simultaneously, Hon’s clothing is striking and unique in its design. Having a fondness of wool – 80 per cent of the range features it – he also has a penchant for colourless pieces.

‘I love to use wool…because (it has) a…mouldable character. It’s a natural, raw, breathable material,’ Hon says.

Bue Boutique stocks various products from Lui Hon’s range and we invite you to check out his designs on our website. For more information about our products or to make an enquiry, click through to the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.